August 2023 Program

August 2023 Program

The last month of the summer break we spent it expanding on Hesham Alammal exhibition with panel discussion and Experimental Silver-Gelatin photo Printing workshop, participants were allowed to bring their own film roll and discuss the possibilities and technics printing photographs, Al AlAmmal encouraged his students to see the beauty in making mistakes and work with the hesitation in making printed photograph. 





A portfolio development, a three-day workshop supported artists and designers to develop their artist portfolio and biographies, and help modify them to reach their artistic and career goals.


And our last Kids Summer Club was this month. The young creatives are joined Mhairi Boyle a two-day, experimental and fun workshop to create their own material with fiber, kids made their own creation. 


William Wells through lecture and group discussion he challenges the participants views through a thoughtful and interactive experience, discussing identity and representation in the art world. 


Puzzle Pieces of creativity: Unveiling Collage Magic workshop with artist Mayyasa Al Sowaidi, participants created a captivating compositions using various visual elements, to construct their own narrative through collage pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the residency only for visual arts?

No, it is open to all artists from different disciplines.

How long is the residency programme?

12 working weeks, from 28 January to 28 April 2024.

Please note the residency will coincide with the holy month of Ramadan as well as the Eid Holidays. Studio opening hours will be adjusted as appropriate during that period. 

Will there be an exhibition at the end of the residency?

Yes, participants' artwork and projects will be showcased in an exhibition at the end of the residency. The exhibition concept will be formulated and developed in discussion with the artists in residence. 

The exhibition will be developed in collaboration with Al Riwaq’s curation team, led by William Wells, and will open on 25 June 2024. 

Does this programme support research residencies?

Al Riwaq is open to receiving research-based resident artists, within Application 003 or independently. 

Artists seeking the unfamiliar around the corner, are welcome to apply for a  research-driven residency that can revolve around peer-to-peer exchange, and knowledge and understanding, not just in the arts but also in society.

Is there an age restriction for the applicants?

This residency is open for all above 18 years of age.