NEST 2017 Volunteer's Application

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Al Riwaq Art Space has a strong commitment to the local community and The Nest is a a reflection of that: we aim to create as many opportunities as we can for Bahraini locals to encourage cultural growth creatively, ethically, and economically. We would like to invite energetic, interested, and passionate people to apply for our Volunteer Roles, which have been created to give youth experience helping run such a public event within a learning environment. 

We will be building Volunteer Teams which will be categorized according to pre-set roles listed below alongside their key responsibilities, 


Al Riwaq Ambassadors

- Provide information to visitors.
- Guide visitors to requested locations.
- Count visitors (counters will be provided).
- Run Art Tours of the 338 area.



- Assist with vendor set up.
- Cover the stalls in case of vendor absence / weather changes.
- Ensure vendors are following the rules and regulations.
- Ensure vendors open on time.



- Prepare workshop space.
- Check needed materials.
- Help the bands set up their instruments.
- Assist with busker/open-call sheet. 



- Prepare workshop space. 
- Check and stock needed materials.