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Ramadan Majlis: Art as a Transformational Tool: Transforming Experiences & Space

Ramadan Majlis: Art as a Transformational Tool: Transforming Experiences & Space

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Driven by Al Riwaq’s position, as a community hub and convener for artists, practitioners and the art community, and in inspiration by the cultural practices of gathering and coming together  during the holy month of Ramadan, Al Riwaq is pleased to launch their first Ramadan Majlis series. 

In this informal talk sessions, we aim to discuss various topics and themes that are relevant to art practices, the art community and new or existing trends and movements in the arts scene in Bahrain, the region and globally. 

We are pleased to launch this program with three Majlis gatherings, spread across the month of Ramadan, and starting our discussion series with talks around learning, growth and reflection, as detailed below.

This Ramadan, we are inspired by the spirit of gathering, the rituals surrounding coming together, and the sharing that happens across the table, transcending the food, into a deeper connection and lively exchange of ideas. 

1st Majlis

Date: Tuesday, 26th March 2024
Time: 9 – 10:30 p.m.

In the first Majlis, Jaafar Al Haddad and Ghadeer Al Khunaizi discuss the concept of expression and its manifestations as an artistic tool, and learn about the different methods an artist follows to translate and transform ideas from imagination to reality.

2nd Majlis

Date: Wednesday, 3rd April 2024
Time: 9 – 10:30 p.m.

In our second Majlis, Al Riwaq Founder and Director, Bayan Kanoo, is joined by artists and curators Noor Alwan & Abdulla Buhijji, and Ahmed Taleb as moderator. In their talk our guests will discuss the role of artists, curators, and art institutions in creating art and experiences that transform and introduce new perspectives, shedding light on the Nest as an example, both through its legacy in Adliya, and the new edition from Gufool.


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