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Dinner Experience: Al Riwaq Supper Club

Dinner Experience: Al Riwaq Supper Club

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  • Days & Dates:  Thursday, 30 November 2023
  • Time:  7:30 - 10:00 pm

There is an origin story behind every dish. A tale that travels through our cultures and traditions over centuries to perfect the dishes we taste today. Our food is like a reflection of our past, a symphony of our struggles, and a lesson for the future. This month Al Riwaq Supper Club is beginning the series with a Palestinian six-course dinner with chef Yusuf Qamber. Asked the question, "How does the dish reach our table?" and "what are the stories that remain after we are gone?" At the supper Club Qamber try to shed light on the stories that have not yet been told, and deliver it to the people for an enjoyable food experience.


The first edition of Al Riwaq Supper Club with Chef Yusuf Qamber, brings a rich and heartfelt exploration into Palestinian cuisine, with a Six-course curated experience.
Proceeds of this event will be donated to PalestineThe Palestinian cuisine stands out as a culinary treasure weaving a captivating tale of culture and the rich flavours rooted in the land that witnessed the extent of modern civilisation and its flow. The Palestinian cuisine tells a story that surpasses time and borders, it embodies the core of a resilient nation and the richness of its heritage. It's a journey that reveals the unique taste of the region and unveils the tangled history, and the enduring soul of its people. 


Yusuf Qamber is an innovator chef specialising in the art of contemporary fusion cuisine. He possesses a deep passion for exploring the culture, history, and mythologies surrounding food. Additionally, Qamber is the creative mind behind smac, a captivating street style pop-up that reimagines the beloved classic Mac & cheese by infusing it with authentic flavours inspired by his hometown. Notably, Qamber had the privilege of being in the part of the culinary team responsibilities for cooking for renowned football stars such as kaka, Robert Pires, Jay Kay Okocha, and many others after charity match held at Expo 2020 Dubai.    

Location: Al Riwaq's Garden

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