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Dr Mona Alrubi

Behavioural Art Activity: Emotion Mask Making

Behavioural Art Activity: Emotion Mask Making

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  • Date: 6 July 2024
  • Time: 11 AM - 1 PM
  • Language: English and Arabic
  • Location: Workshop

In this activity, children will explore emotions and self-expression through the creation of emotion masks. Each child will talk about memories he went through then receive a plain white mask as their canvas. They'll be encouraged to think about different emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, and excitement.

First, they'll use paints to color their masks, choosing colors that represent different emotions. For example, yellow for happiness, blue for sadness, red for anger, and so on. Then, they'll use markers or pens to add facial features such as eyes, eyebrows, and mouths, reflecting the chosen emotion.

Finally, they'll have the opportunity to embellish their masks with decorative items like glitter, sequins, or feathers to further convey their chosen emotion.

Through this activity, children will not only engage in a creative process but also develop their emotional intelligence by exploring and expressing various feelings in a safe and constructive way. They'll also have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their own emotions and how they can express them effectively.


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