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Amani Al Tawash

Banat Gulnar Book (softcover book)

Banat Gulnar Book (softcover book)

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She is Iranian In the village of lilac and she is Ajmi in Manama, Gulnar says in the first chapter she came to the city of Manama hiding, in the dark night with a boat, breastfeeding an infant that is 5 months old, and covering herself with a bag made out of burlap to hide from the coastal police. Since she first got to the land of arabs she’s missing her husband and her homeland, and she will get used to her new lonely life with the Ajams surrounding her, and she will live life as a widowed maid, and she’ll be surrounded by her grandchildren, she will also live a long life, but without forgetting her native language and her past Persian life or the village of orchards that she grew up in, or her father that named her Gulnar, or the pomegranate flower because the pomegranate flower is her favourite.

Maryam entered the country as an infant, Hidden under a bag of burlap on the lap of her mother, she will be narrating the story in the second part, although she didn’t see anything from Persia, but she gained everything from her mother Gulnar to be identified as a merited Ajami, she talks and sings, dances, and is stubborn just like a Ajami, and will live a hard teenage life, she can’t really control and align her emotions, so she gets involved with the man that felt sympathy towards her and her mother, she got mixed up between his fatherly affection and his manly look, but her mom saves her from this crisis, and she forced her to marry an Ajami guy that is poor in both money and personality, so she can stop her teenage evils and a future scandal. “Marriage is the solution to every girls problems”,Maryam gives up and ended up marrying ghuloom, He immigrated from Minab, and he will stay a tortured soul, missing the feeling of going back to his home country....

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