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The relevance of a digital footprint within the arts is now more pressing than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Al Riwaq Art Space would like to take responsibility in addressing this new challenge in connection to the arts. We believe that supporting artists in effectively developing websites that best highlight their practices is an overlooked way to help with connectivity in the arts. This initiative will not only underline Al Riwaq Art Space’s commitment to showing solidarity with the art community but will also grant them an important and urgent tool to reach out to the world.

The service we are providing includes the following:

One-on-one portfolio reviews and discussions

This aims to find clarity in the artist’s practice and help curate a selection of the artists’ most representative work. These discussions will be held in English

Production of professional texts

that highlight the body of the artist’s practice. These texts will be informed by the one-on-one discussions and by the selected works.

Website development

The developed texts and selected content (e.g., images, videos, audio, etc.) will be embedded into a personalized website for each artist. The website will be flexible to accommodate views on computers and on mobile devices.

professional photography

We also offer an optional service of professionally photographing works in high resolution if needed with pickup and return services.

* Technical tutorial package will also be provided upon completion of the website. This would ensure that artists could independently update and develop their website in the future.

We appreciate you choosing to work with Al Riwaq Art Space. By choosing this service, you will be helping us in continuing to pursue our goal of supporting the art scene in Bahrain. Thank you once again.

For bookings or inquiries about details and pricing, please reach us at or call us at (+973) 17 717441 between 11am and 2pm (from Sunday to Thursday).


(+973) 17 717441

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